Welcome to the Lincoln County Tea Party official website.
We're glad you joined us here.


 See that picture just above? I was there with a couple million other patriots. I was there on September 12, 2009. I was there on October 27,2009. And again , I was there on November 5, 2009. I was there for me. I was there for you. I was there for the lady that lives next door to me and she doesn't even know it. I don't deserve any honor for going. It was my duty and I was glad I was able to stand in the gap.

This site is  here for you. It was was created so you, the frustrated tea party type individual, have a place to connect with those of a like mind. I use the word frustrated because that is the way I was feeling. I was frustrated with out of control spending in both Washington and Nashville, and even here at the local level. Frustrated by dismissive and sometimes accusatory elected officials who seem more interested in what a group of half witted Hollywood celebrates have to say than me, the person who helped elect them. And especially frustrated with the erosion of our Constitutional Rights and Family Values.

Lincoln County Tea Party is only one of ninety five county tea party groups in the state. Organized and ultimately administered by www.teapartycoop.com we gratefully acknowledge the work of that fine organization in the implementation of LCTP.  Check them out as well.

This is a site for interaction, for meeting new people, for information and for direction. Ultimately we will be gathering together to determine exactly How we will proceed to take back our country. We are non-partisan but each of us do hold to our convictions. We are open for peaceful debate and exchange of Ideas and Ideals. LCTP will inform you of local events as well as state wide and national events. Honestly, we will grow together as this site and our cause grows. Come grow with us. It just may be the thrill of your life.

May it be said of us in future times, "They were patriots of the finest order. When tyranny from their own government that would subjugate them arose they like their founding fathers would not be enslaved but gave all for freedom".
Meeting the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM

The Refuge Church Fellowship Hall
(seperate building behind the church)
305 Lincoln Avenue North
Fayetteville TN 37334

Leon Lunsford
931-438-2549 (answers Rosewood Apartments)